Tired of creepers, endermen and ghasts messing with your blocks?
Zombies killing your villagers getting on your nerves?
Download this mod and make them (optionally) powerless.

Just look at them!


Download and install instructions

Grab version 0.0.3 for Minecraft 1.7.10 here and put it in your minecraft mods folder.

Older versions


The mod adds a few more game rules to the game that allow you to disable creeper explosions, prevent endermen from picking up blocks, make ghasts not shoot fireballs (although they are still pretty noisy) and stop zombies from attacking villagers.

In the current version, the config file (org.dethware.friendsss.cfg) specifies only default values for the game rules. Game rules will be added to new and existing worlds on load.

Older versions have the same features, but do not use game rules - everything is controlled by the config file (Friendsss.cfg) instead.


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  Petr Mrázek <[email protected]>

Source code

Source code may be obtained from github.